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(by appearance)

  • Office Guy
  • Lil' Peepz Caillou
  • Boris
  • Caillou
  • Warren Cook
  • Government Guy
  • Doris



Office Guy: "I am getting a signal from the computer. Oh! Wait! Something is going on in the basement! Wait! What is that portal? Who are you?"

Lil' Peepz Caillou: "I am Caillou! The world's most dangerous and scariest kid! And I have come to this dimension to destroy!"

Office Guy: "Not if I catch you!"

Lil' Peepz Caillou: "Yay! I already destroyed my own dimension! And now I'm going to destroy this one as well! They will soon suffer and bow to me!"

Boris: "Caillou! Get back here! You are in deep trouble!"

Caillou: "Oh no! It's a dead end!"

Boris: "Caillou! Why were you running away from me! You know you're not supposed to do that! It's wrong!"

Caillou: "What!? You were chasing me with a car! I could've died!"

Boris: "Still! You have no right to run away from me, even if you were about to die! You will be even more grounded for this! Let's go home! Now Caillou, go to your room! You are grounded for going to Chuck E. Cheese's without permission and trying to run away from me!"

Caillou: "I was running away because I had to save myself! I did not wanna die, so it's not my fault!"

Boris: "Yes, it is your fault! Life and death don't matter about this! You should have stopped! It doesn't matter if you die!"

Caillou: "Wait a minute! So you're saying that you meant to try to kill me!"

Boris: "Yes!"

Caillou: "Dad! You're a monster! What dad tries to kill their own son!"

Boris: "Stop being a whiny baby about death! Just go to your room!"

Doris: "Hello, Boris! How was your day today?"

Boris: "Oh. It was a really great peaceful and quiet day. Until I had to punish Caillou for going to Chuck E. Cheese's without permission."

Doris: "Oh my god! Caillou just keeps doing bad stuff all the time!"

Boris: "Not only that! He tried to run away from me while I was trying to punish him!"

Doris: "Hey! Why the heck would he do such a naughty thing like that?"

Boris: "Because he is a brat.

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