Caillou Kills the Frozen Characters/Grounded was made by GoAnimator/YouTuber African Vulture.



(Elsa Sings Let it Go)

Caillou : Oh No! Not Frozen! I Hate Frozen, Especially Elsa! the Worst Movie I Ever Seen in my whole life. I know! I'm Going to Kill them to Frozen in to Unfrozen, This is the Walt Disney Studios this is Where Frozen is on air now

(Elsa Sings Let it Go Again)

Elsa : What Are You Doing Here Caillou?

Caillou : I Am Going to kill You Elsa Because Your Suck!

Elsa : hahahahahahahahaha you can't Kill me unfrozen as an ice block killing me isn't possible

Caillou : yes it is possible let's do this!


Caillou: Yay! I Kill Elsa, Now I Am Going to Kill Anna and Kristoff Too

Kristoff : Oh My! what are you doing here? you're not supposed to be in this scene.

Caillou: I know I'm not supposed to be in that scene but I'm here to kill you both


Caillou: Yey! I Killed Anna and Kristoff That Means No More Frozen!

Boris : Oh Hey Everybody! we don't want to miss frozen hey, why is everybody Crying?

Diesel : because someone killed the Frozen characters the show has been cancelled

Rosie : Oh No! Frozen Is Being in Theater

Doris : Who Will Being?

Boris : Hey Caillou! Get Over Here Right Now! Tell Us What Happen To The Frozen Characters?

Caillou : No Way I'm Telling You

Doris : Tell Us How or Will Be No Movie To You!

Caillou :Okay, Okay I Killed them Because I Hate Frozen, Frozen is The Worst Disney Movie Ever saw

Boris : (Brian's voice) I can't believe you killed them, especially ELSA!! She was my wife's favorite Disney character! Frozen was your sister's favorite Disney movie! That's it! You're so Grounded Grounded Grounded Grounded for 1 Million Years! let's go home right now!

Doris : (Veena's voice) thanks for telling us Up

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