Caillou learns/watches Happy Harmonies/ungrounded big time/Rosie makes an MLG video out of Happy Harmonies/grounded is an upcoming TV episode of American series, Rosie Gets Grounded. It will be uploaded by Brandon Gold. Caillou and his sister, Elizabeth, Age 11 is voiced by Emma in this episode.


Caillou's dad, Boris puts on Happy Harmonies: The Complete 42 Uncut Cartoons because they have a laserdisc player. The laserdisc he puts on for Caillou is this as a photo:

Happy Harmonies

Rosie then finds Caillou and his 11 year old sister, Elizabeth watching Happy Harmonies. They live in Blakely, Pennsylvania. Rosie hates Happy Harmonies. So she makes a MLG video out of Happy Harmonies, where from the laserdisc, Barney Bear is wearing MLG glasses, smoking weed, & all of this MLG. Boris later then finds out and then grounds Rosie along with Caillou and his 11 year old sister, Elizabeth.


Emma: Caillou & 11 year old Elizabeth

Shy Girl: Rosie

Eric: Boris

Julie: Doris

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