Candy Lollipop The Adobe And Soundation Guy formely know as IloveCandy Lollipop VGCP is a good user who likes opinion respecting

IloveCandy Lollipop


Allies: Kirby Loopsy, TheColossalD, NitroG Macrae, Alex Kimble, L Ryan, Nicholas Greene

Enemies: Haruhi Suzumiya VGCP, SouthParkSatanFan 2015 VGCP, Powerjohn25 UTTP,

Daniel Osborne, CalebTheAnimator VGCP, ChloeTheFangirl NDCP, Jacob Missigno101

GalaxyFTWBelldandyFTL VGCP,

Age: 10

Real Name: Colin Miel Arriola

Status: Good user

Likes: Little Kids, Homework, Opinion Respectors, Food

Dislikes: Child Abuse, GoAnimate Community, Long Lines, Grounded Videos, Opinion Disrespectors, Bullies, Baby Shows, Criminals, Wars, Youtube Wars

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