The Comedy World Car is a car that was used in the Comedy World theme in Go!Animate until the Non-Business Themes got shut down.


Bandicam 2016-08-17 18-18-44-444

It is heavily based on a final generation Ford Crown Victoria, but the taillights are more accurate to the Lincoln Town Car. Like both cars, this car has 4 doors. The rectangular grille is attached to the headlights. No air vents are present on this vehicle. The vehicle is very boxy and has a very low ride height. There is also another variant, the Police car, but the police variant has no interior view available.

Base Info

Top Speed: around 110 Mph or 180 Km/h (Estimated)

0-60 Acceleration: around 9 seconds

Horsepower: around 300 HP

Engine: 4.5 Litre V6/V8

Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive (Optional)

Color Options: Yes (2 Colors: Body and Bumpers)

Actions: Transparent, Drive

Animated: Yes (Multiple Actions)

Views available: Side

Specs: Fullstock,street,dirt,perf,raid,circuit,tuner,drag,drift,monster truck and police

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