Caroline0204 (Real Life)

Caroline0204 in real life

Caroline0204(also known as (FlashSentry98Swell and GoAnimateMaster1998) is a GoAnimate user. He first joined GoAnimate on April 2nd, 2011. On August 20th 2012, he had a GoAnimate wife named Kelly. He divorced her in March 15th, 2014 because she was Zack's girlfriend.

These are his grounded series he originally planned but cancelled them.


  • Product Launcher


  • Making grounded videos
  • GTA 5
  • his friends

One of his GoAnimate avatars

All of My Avatars and Kelly's Avatars00:36

All of My Avatars and Kelly's Avatars


  • Bad stuff happening
  • his enemies
  • Ruined grounded series

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