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Cartoon Classics: The Interactive Adventure is an interactive game made on Go!Animate by fred10359. This has no official release date, as it's still in the works, but users may decide to check out what has been completed so far.

This is also a prequel to an upcoming series staring the characters from this game, with Matt, Stephen, Joyce and Ann being the main protagonists and Takashi being the main antagonist.


While the main protagonists, Matt, Stephen, Ann, and Joyce, watch TV, the broadcast has been interupted by the main antagonist, Takashi. He tells the heroes that he has kidnapped the president and took control of USA. The players must help the four kids get to the White House by choosing the right decision whenever an obstacle gets in their way, otherwise only ONE wrong decision will get them killed.

The Characters and their stories:

Matt - If the player chooses Matt, he/she must help him avoid the wrath of Jay, the gangster, while helping to thwart a robbery on his way to the White House. *COMPLETED!*

Stephen - If the player chooses Stephen, he/she must help him win a quiz where the prize is a free trip to the White House. *COMPLETED!*

Ann - If the player chooses Ann, he/she must help her win money to get transportation while she avoids Tom, who will try and take her. *COMPLETED!*

Joyce - If the player chooses Joyce, he/she must help her take back a gorilla named Binti which was stolen from a pet store. *COMPLETED!*

The Final Showdown (Currently being worked on) :

(Please note that you have to play all the characters stories before you play this part.)

Matt, Ann, Stephen, and Joyce get to the White House and see the president, Obama, outside. He tells the kids that Takashi has turned the White House into a big death-trapped-house. Obama releases the gate, and allows the kids to go inside. Takashi is informed that his enemies are in the White House right now, and he orders that his death traps are both difficult and deadly.

To get to Takashi, the four kids will have to use the skills they've used to get to the White House against Takashi's death traps, and then face him in a good-old-fashioned 2D fighting game.

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