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Cat is Peg's pet cat. He is from the PBS Kids show Peg + Cat.

About cat

Age: 10

Favorite food: Cat food (Obviously)

Friends: Peg, Dora, Caillou

Enimies: Galaxylifefan64, Warren Cook

Favorite Shows: Tickety Toc, Yo Gabba Gabba, Blues Clues, Wonder Pets, Caillou, Dora The Explorer, Dora and friends

Likes: Anything cats like (Duh), Perzonalized Gifts, Netflix, Hummus, Fried Chicken (Which Is Why He Eats It), Balloons, Slushies, Wheel Of Fortune

Dislikes: Galaxylifefan64, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad (which means he dosen't care about how American humans behave), School, Cabbage