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Catherine Smith is One of The Mature Kids in Goanimate, Also Never Causes Trouble, Often Spends Time With Her Older Brother Brian

Her Stuff

Name: Catherine Smith

Born: September 21st 2001

Died: June 26th 2014

Cause of death:Shoted By a tommygun

Age: 12

Zodiac Sign: Orion (Lost)


Likes: Spending Time With Brian, School, Swimming, Biking, Vegtables, Steak, KFC, Video Games, Family Guy

Dislikes: Church, Julie Bothering her, Being Woken up, And More...

Susan (Younger Sister 7 years)

Paul (Younger Brother 4 Years)

Julie (Younger Sister 3 Years)

Brian (Older Brother 17 Years)

Mother (Mother 40 Years)

Father (Father 44 Years)

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