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Her in GoAnimate

Cera is a The Land Before Time character who's signature colors are yellow and orange. Cera is seen as a very naughty girl. She has a dad named Topsy and a step-mom named Tria. She also has a step-sister named Tricia who is apparently Trisha's counterpart.

Cera Series

Series of her getting grounded.

RiverConnerYes RoelNo's Cera episodes:

Cera Breaks Her Curfew/Grounded

Cera Pulls the Fire Alarm

Cera's Offcial TLBT Website Art

Her actual appearance

Cera Acts Like a Racist

Cera Gets Sent to Bed Early

Cera Shows Her Butt to Ducky

Cera Runs Away

Cera Talks Smack to Chomper/Grounded

Cera Talks Back to Her Dad

Cera Poops on Her Step-Mother

Cera Starts a Swearing Chain Reaction

Cera Tries to Kiss Pterano

Cera Lies to the Principal

Cera Is Very Naughty

Cera Runs Away Again ( 1st Season Finale )

Lucy Tyler's Cera episodes:

Cera Behaves Like a Pyschopath

Cera Jumps Into Her Laptop

Cera Talks Smack to Nearby Herbivores

Cera Cries Like a Baby

Cera Drives a Car

Cera Walks Around Her House Goth

Cera Acts Like Pterano

Cera Throws Her Dinner At Her Dad

Cera Wants Ice Cream

Kailina James aka ArcherHater EDCP's Cera episodes:

Cera Bosses People Around

Cera Taunts at Chomper's Door

Cera Shouts Out the Word "( bleep )"

Cera Hits Tricia ( Arthur Hits D.W. enactment )

Cera Behaves Like a ( bleep )

Cera Flips Over The Table

Cera Calls The Teacher The N Word

Cera Turns Gay

Cera Used Uncensored Language

Other video appearances:

The Land Before Time Troublemakers Get Grounded

Cera's Really Big Movie ( 1994 film )

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