Note! The bad words are censored out.

Lucy Tyler productions
a GoAnimate Pictures production
Credit to appears.
Cera Uses Foul Language
Featuring: Cera


Cera ( from The Land Before Time ) uses foul language to her stepmother.


Tria: Cera, what is your disgraceful conduct at school today?

Cera: Don't need to s*it yourself! Now leave me alone!

Tria: Was that foul language?

Cera: Evidence: You don't have any! Now leave me the f*ck alone.

Tria: Tell me right now!

Cera: I f*cking told you to leave me the f*ck alone! I told you many f*cking times I do not want to f*cking talk about my actions at school. You n*gga.

Tria: Cera! I told you this is very serious.

Cera: Wait! I can explain.

Tria: It is too late!

Cera: OK! OK! I threw a gun at Petrie's leg and then gave Pterano a bloody beak.


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