Channel R8 is a TV show on the GoAnimate Network. It is a co-production of the BBC and GAN.


The show revolves about Fat Minky Momo and her friends who broadcast a pirate VHF station broadcasting news, EAS alerts and tests, weather, etc, broadcasting at 300 MHz, "In the empty space between BBC America and others". For some reason, most of the equipment was formerly used by UVB-76, but modified for TV use. They broadcast it from FMM's basement, with a small 300 MHz transmitter doing the stuff.


Season 1: Chapter 1: Part 1 (Pilot)

Fat Minky Momo starts up CR8 and she and her friends work it.

Season 1: Chapter 1: Part 2 (SCREW YOU WIZM-FM)

Fat Minky Momo gets "revenge" on WIZM-FM for inadvertently triggering the EAS on WKBT-DT by playing a recording of the fake zombie EAS alert during its morning show, by playing audio of a fake EAS Volcano Warning during it's morning show.

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