Cheri Pictures is a movie studio made by a variety of users. The 1st logo is very similiar to GoAnimate Pictures in every way.


  • Blanche: The Movie
  • Claire: The Movie
  • Claire: The Movie 2: Claire Out of the City
  • Deirdre: In Space
  • Deirdre: In Space 2: Hopper Strikes Back!
  • Cheri: The Movie ( 1st Film )

Upcoming Films:

Blanche: The Movie 2: Blanche Out of the City

How can you explain this
How can you explain this?

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Cheri Pictures




Sarah Read

Known for


TV Series They Did

The Octivian Series ( 2013 )
The Static Series ( 2014 )
The Kabuki Series ( 2009 )
Whitney Gets Ungrounded ( 2013-2016 )
The Freya Series ( 2011-2016 )

Reason Why They Ended The Freya Series and Whitney Gets Ungrounded

The TV Studio Mira Television defunct in 2016 due to tentacle diffuclties.




Cheri Television
GoAnimate Pictures ( due to its similiarities )
Tori Net ( defunct )
Cheri Studios
Chibi Peepz Productions
Claire Pictures

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