Chibi Shorts is a TV Program/movie shorts that are made by shanell0420.
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It's about many chibis has working on everything. After that, school adventures and so many fun will be the best dreams ever.


Charlie Dillard

A yellow-haired boy who is blonde and nice. He likes pranks but he is a smart trickster. He was grounded for a week by his parents for no reason. He was getting in trouble without permission. He is fun-loving and giggly. Voiced by TigerMario2002:

Peter Fairchild

A young, black-haired kid who is a new kid on the block. He even has a secret. He got a crush on Rachel! Also Voiced by TigerMario2002:

Gabe Powell

A brown-haired boy who has a cool personality. Also Voiced by TigerMario2002:

Rachel Harris

A brown-haired chibi student. She was shy and cute. She loves Peter! Voiced by Julie.

Tara Benson

A orange-haired student. She checks up on a new student called Rachel. Voiced by Bridget.

Lily Davis

The red-haired girl who is a student. Isn't she the cutest? She was friends with Rachel and Peter. Voiced by Kate.


  • The seasons consist of 20 episodes.

Season 1

Name Info
Welcome to School! Charlie scares Gabe with a needle and he runs scared; Rachel tells Gabe to be fearless. While Tara and Lily went to Chibi School, Rachel has a small romance.
Charlie gets Grounded Charlie was grounded for a week for losing his homework. He was so sad that he doesn't get grounded for no reason to tell Peter and Rachel.
Lily's Final Chance Lily's first chance to text with Gabe but she wanted to text with him. It turns into a nightmare when she comes face to face with the secret of Rachel.
Somephony's in Trouble Charlie is being called a phony by Rachel and Lily, but he wrecks havoc on Tara while doing her schoolwork.
Inter-pest Rachel calls Charlie on a first chatroom date. But, Charlie turns to his powerful chatroom to help date on Rachel. (but things went awry)
Don't Mess with your Boyfriend Charlie messes with Tara and tricks her into dating with him; Peter is horrified when Lily thinks she is insane and jealous about Tara.
The Bike Thief Charlie steals Gabe's bike; Peter goes on a bike-riding contest with Gabe but he doesn't have one.
Sight for Cleaning Charlie tricks Tara into bringing out the trash but it results into chaos when she cleans up the whole town.
The Princess and the Peter Rachel romances with Peter, but she sends him dating online on her laptop with a mind on his own. It's up to Gabe to get rid of Peter into a dating contest.
Mama Told Me Not To Go To The Bathroom Gabe is on a fright when Tara and Lily goes to a school bathroom.
Can You Take Your Boyfriend To This Dance? The school dance is starting when Lily and Gabe start a school crush between Tara and Charlie...
Invasion of the Boy Snatchers
Getting Ahead of Homework
Terrible Love
The Talented Miss Rachel
Stage Fright
My Old Friend
Love Target
Tara's Sweet Smile of Revenge
Why I Quit Chibi School end of the show

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