• Teacher: Okay class. Today is Total Drama Behavior Card Day.

Here is what the students got

  • Lindsay: Xenia
  • Tyler: Dudley Puppy
  • Noah: Oscar and Lenny
  • Cody: Anna and Elsa
  • Heather: Maria
  • Ezekiel: Emmett
  • Sierra: Natalie
  • Gwen: Olivia
  • Alejandro: Charlie Brown
  • Sky: Raa Raa the Noisy Lion
  • Rodney: Creeper and Woody
  • B: Tim
  • Geoff: Chirp
  • Sugar: Cavemen
  • Staci: Coiny
  • Jo: Global Thingy
  • Justin: Shyler
  • Duncan: Willa
  • Courtney: Chuck E Cheese

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