Sallie was a troublemaking girl created by JeremyH1 (known as JeremyHerrera VA) based on a high school female bully Jeremy known back in his high school time. She always wanted to get things her way. If they didn't, she would often take revenge. She got sent to prison after witnessing the strength of street knowledge as a result of getting held back after being expelled for making a fake lockdown. However, she managed to escape, and she started taking revenge on Mr. Montgomery and her other haters. After a long struggle, she was then recaptured and executed with her ex-girlfriend Kaylen Jones.
Sallie's Avatar

Sallie's Avatar

Name: Sallie Nickerson Sanchez

Born: May, 1995

Died: November, 2016

Reason: She got executed after she got killed and got burned by fire along with her ex-girlfriend.

Aged: 21

Religion: Unknown, but does love horror stuff and evil things, possibly occultist

Voice: Grace (normal, JeremyHerrera VA version / The Vengeance of Sallie (last few episodes)), Amy (normal, The Vengeance of Sallie version, loud strong voice, when angry), Scary Voice (current angry voice, when furious), Kidaroo (former mad voice), Kayla (JeremyHerreraVA's epilogue voice), and Shy Girl (crying tantrum)

Ethnicity: White

Politics: None, but feels far right.

Relationship Status: Formerly In a Relationship (Lesbian, LGBTQ), broken up with Kaylen Jones. Had an affair with her JeremyHerrera VA. Jeremy used the "affair" to get her busted & executed for good.

Nationality: American

Orientation: None

Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Pig

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Gender: Female

Likes: Black Metal, Death Metal Fast Food, Piradigm, Seavites, Villains, Horror stuff, Junk Food, Sodas, Unhealthy drinks, being a bully to Jeremy and his friends, deviant art, tumblr, computers, internet, 3DS, Nintendo, Pokemon, Mario, gothicism, The Joker, Ghost Rider, Slender Man, Jeff The Killer, Creepypasta, Comic-Con, sarcastic, being picky, vampires, bats, piranhas, eels, occultism, being far right, being pride of herself, being sloth from doing homework and stuff that's important for school, being wrath, anime, some cartoon, Tim Burton, stop motion, getting revenge, and occultism.

Dislikes: Getting grounded, being in trouble, detention, ISS (in school suspension), getting expelled, sharks, hippos, baby shows, morality, education, documentaries, things that are not Mario and Pokemon (like Jak & Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Sonic The Hedgehog, Donkey Kong, etc.), some classic rock bands, eating healthy foods and drinking healthy foods, Dave and Goliath, kid shows (except some that she considers okay), LGBTQ community (now really interested into that), multiculturalism, Evan (who is an ally/friends with Jeremy and his friends), Jeremy (along with his friends and family and allies, including Jared), especially some actors and actresses she dislikes; being defeated and humilated, not getting things her way or what she wants, Peace, and Romance (she's not into romance and relationships, then later, now dating her new girlfriend, Kaylen Jones in "The Vengeance of Sallie", then later on, they were broken up and now having an affair with her "fake boyfriend" Jeremy Herrera VA, then later on Jeremy breaks up with her after she went to jail before she is going to court with Sallie's family, her ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend and her former high school principal Mr. Montgomery).