Claude is a major character of the newer episodes of the original creator's Zack series who is created by ottofilms. He is the sister of Kelly, has a girlfriend named Kendall, has been considered to be one of Comp School's major bullies, and has parents. He even participated in the March 31, 2013 Store Robbery along with three other students.
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Gender: Male

Hair Color: Maroon

Age: 13-15 (During the events of the series)

19 (Current logical age)

Occupation: Comp School Student

Family: Officer Flute (Adoptive Father)

Amy (Adoptive Mother)

Kelly (Sister)

Voice: Young Guy

Ethnicity: Caucasian-American


Claude was born in 1998. His father was a store manager and his mother was a worker at a restaurant. He lived a great childhood with his parents. He grew up with Marvel superheroes (ex. X-Men, Blade, and Spider-Man). He had a connection to the villains of Marvel Comics. When he was 4, Claude started to go to school, and made some friends there. Though, he has been disrespected badly by other students. He got bullied by a kid named Keith multiple times. He even got beaten by him. He was so close to having revenge, but it didn't turn out well as he was suspended for that attempt. In 2009, he and his parents have end up in a car crash while on the way to the store. His parents got killed in the crash. Claude is the only survivor. As a result of his parents death, he was set up for adoption at the orphanage. Later on, he was adopted by Officer Flute and his wife. After that, he needed a school to go to, so his parents decided to send him to the same school that his new sister goes to. He made some good friends there, including Derek and Gecko. While he had a great time at Comp School, he was still being haunted by his own past, and he decided to beat the living tar out of anyone who is younger than him to make up for his failure. He would even get anybody in trouble, including Kelly and her boyfriend Zack. He even has recieved some naughty notes from the teachers, and he got grounded for all the trouble he caused.