Collin-David/Evil Genius/Zack, Kidaroo, Scary Voice

Mrs Hall-Kimberly, Veena

Eric-Himself, Scary Voice

Mr hall-Diesel

Erika-Julie, Kate

Kumi, Annabelle's Mom-Kimberly

Josh, Eric Smith, Michael Hall, Eric (Michael Laurea), Andrew Clark, Mike-Eric

Andrew-Young Guy

Andrew's Mom-Kimberly, Scary Voice

Zara, Paulina, Anna, AjayMooreIv, Candece Nicholson-Princess

Anna & Kayla's Mother-Kimberly

James, Joey-Joey

Francine, Rosana-Kalya



Landon's Girlfriend-Princess

Body Guard-Dallas




Adam, Brian, David, Coulden Pettit, Brandon, Chad, David Cucchiella-David/Evil genius/Zack

Annabelle, Adrianna, Rob-Julie

Alan Stooge-Alan





Noisy Mountainwagon-Steven


Collin Didn't Get A Chocolate Frosty Shake Because They were sold out.

Published Date

January 25, 2014

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Collin: Hey mom.

Mrs Hall: What is it Collin.

Collin: Can we please go to Wendy's.

Mrs Hall: No.

Collin: But mom. i'm starving.

Mrs hall: Collin I said no we are not going to Wendy's today. we are having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Josh: That's Right. we are not having Wendy's for lunch.

Collin: I Want Wendy's I Want Wendy's I Want Wendy's I Want Wendy's I Want Wendy's.

Andrew: But we said no Collin.

Eric: We are Not Going to Wendy's and that's final.

Mr hall: Guys there is no food left in the house: so I don't have the stuff to make the sandwiches.

Annabelle's Mom: Did you here that Collin. dad said there is no food left in the house. that means we can go to Wendy's today. just you me and Brandon. isn't that nice.

Collin: Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Andrew and josh's mom: Let's go to the car.

Eric: So We are going to pick up my girlfriend named Erika. and the rest of everybody.

(At Erika's Apartment)

Erika: Hi Eric. What's Up.

Eric: We're going to Wendy's together. want to come.

Erika: Yes.

Zara: Yes.

Eric: But Next, Let's Go Pick up James and his girlfriend Francine. and then we can pick up Kumi.

(At The Mall)

James: Hello Eric.

Francine: Hello Eric.

Eric: Then now it's time to go pick up Kumi.

(At Kumi's House)

Kumi: Hi there eric. I just saw her car.

Eric: Well Let's Go.

Luke's Mom: Hi Eric.

Anna & kayla's mother: Hi Eric.

Eric: Now It's time to go.

(At Wendy's)

Clerk: Think you for choosing Wendy's. come again soon.

Clerk: How may I help 14 of you.

Mrs Hall: I will like a baconator with everything. a medium cup and large fries.

Eric: I Want 10 piece nugget meal with large fries. medium coke and a vanilla frosty.

Erika: I Want a baconator. small fries. a coke and a frosty shake.

Anna & kayla's mother: I Want French fries, a hamburger. and a large coke.

Annabelle's Mom: I Want a medium cheeseburger. medium fries. and a medium sprite.

Kumi: I Will like a baconator, a medium pepsi and a frosty waffle cone.

James: I Will like a baconator and a strawberry frosty shake.

Francine: I Will like to have a large French fries and a dr pepper.

Andrew's Mom: I Want A Hamburger with lettuce and cheese.

Josh. I Want A Large Fries, a cheeseburger and a medium coke please.

Andrew: I Want 20 chicken nuggets, large fries, and a small coke.

Zara: I Want a vanilla frosty.

Collin: I will like a baconator, a medium drink, large French fries and a chocolate frosty.

Clerk: I'm sorry. but they are no more chocolate frosties left.

Collin: what. you go to be kidding me.

Clerk: Don't feel bad. why don't you have a strawberry frosty.

Collin: why should die.

Eric: Because Collin. they are no more chocolate frosties left.

Andrew's Mom: Yeah. why don't you have a strawberry frosty instead.

Collin (Kidaroo's Voice): No way. I want what I want so give it to me now.

Zara: Collin. stop acting like a spoiled brat. you either have a strawberry frosty or you can have nothing at all.

Collin (Kidaroo's Voice): Oh I have a better idea. why don't we go across the street to get a diamond ring so we can be safe in case Kumi wants to engage me.

Erika: Collin. stop giving me that aditude.

Anna & kayla's mom: Now everyone is looking at us.

Collin (Kidaroo's voice): Oh. so you really want to engage me Erika and Kumi. Why didn't you say so. go head mom, Kumi and Erika. my finger is already out. so engage me. engage me. engage me engage me engage me engage me engage me engage me engage me right here at Wendy's.

Joey: Rosie I think we should get out of here. should we? we better run. right?

Rosie: Yes. let's get out of here joey. thing are getting way too out of control.

Collin (Kidaroo's voice): That's it. I will engage Wendy's. what did you think of that.

(Music Playing)

Clerk: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Landon: Waaaaaaaaaa, (Sonic the Hedgehog's Voice) Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Landon's Girlfriend: (Custard's Voice) Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Body Guard: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

(Wendy's Restaurant Destroyed)


(Flames Everywhere)

Andrew's Mom And Eric (Scary Voice): GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Collin. What In The Name of god is wrong with you. you have destroyed the entire Wendy's restaurant. I can't believe you went doing anything like this. you idiot. you are grounded grounded grounded grounded.

Erika (Kate's Voice): We Are Going Home Now and you're getting nothing.

Mrs Hall (Veena's Voice): And you are not getting Wendy's and that's a capital final, and your grounded when we get home.

(Fire Everywhere)

Collin: Mommy Mommy Mommy. I'm Really Sorry.

Mrs Hall: Apology Denied. your not getting Wendy's and that's a capital final. get in the car Collin.

Eric: Stop Crying Collin. this is entirely your fault. stop crying like a baby. this is really all your fault. because be quiet and shut up.

Collin: Eric And Zara. All I wanted was a chocolate Frosty. But I Never Got One. That's A Have To Ask Erika If She Can Engage Me.

Josh: No. the reason why you didn't get a chocolate shake because they are none left. this is your first time. so the guy ask you if you can have a strawberry frosty instead. but no. you have destroyed the restaurant and I think we are going to end up on the news and into a lot of trouble.

Francine: Your Apology And Forgiveness Well Not Be Able To Work To Eric.

Erika: You Have Got In us Into A Lot of Trouble Today.

Zara: I Agree For What You Did. You Also Scared Away Eric's sister rosie and her boyfriend joey Anderson away because you pointed your finger at ourself. How dear you. I should have never even ask if we can go to Wendy's today if it made you act like a brat.

Collin: Okay. I Get it can we at lease go back to get a strawberry frosty.

Annabelle's Mom: No. You Destroyed Wendy's. Thanks a lot for this Collin. When Walk outside. there was fire everywhere. the police where also there. we have to get out or we will get into a lot of trouble. Thanks A Lot.

Mrs Hall: Thanks A lot for this Collin.

Eric: And Then You are Grounded Grounded Grounded For The Rest Of Your Natural Abominable Teenage Boring Life.

(Breaking News)

Jennifer: Good Afternoon And Welcome To The GoAnimate News. Todays Top story is about what happened at Wendy's.

Joyce: A Boy named Collin Hall Did Not Get What He Wanted.

Jane: Because Of This.

Adam: He Destroyed The Entire Wendy's Restaurant.

Jennifer: We Now take you to Michael hall.

(Outside Wendy's)

Adam: Michael. Can You Hear Us.

Michael Hall: Yes, I Can here you loud and clear adam. Here i'm at Wendy's. where a terrible incident happened. A Boy Name Collin Hall Didn't get what He Want And Because Of This. He Destroyed the entire Wendy's restaurant. Let Me show You Inside.

(Inside Wendy's)

Michael Hall: As You Can See. All the tables and chairs have being broken into pieces. the counter has being rip apart. and the other stuff such as the food has being soiled. With Me To Report. It's Eric Smith, The Store Clerk. Eric Smith. Can You Tell Me In Everyone At GNN News Apart of the story.

Eric Smith: Well. There is No More Chocolate Frosty Left For The Boy. So I offered him a strawberry frosty. but no. he pointed his finger at his mom. then destroyed Wendy's. it was horrible. I was really really scared. fortunately. I wasn't injured or seriously hurt.

Michael Hall: Thanks for the info.

(Outside Wendy's Again)

Michael hall: i'm back outside with to more witnesses. Rosie Thompson and Joey Anderson. Joey and Rosie. can you tell me and everyone at GNN News, What happened when Collin destroyed Wendy's.

Rosie: well me and my friend joey wanted to go to Wendy's for lunch. but when we got in. the boy was going out of control and pointing his finger at her like he wanted to marry her. we have to escape quickly. anyway. my voice is Shy Girl when i'm sad.

Joey: What's Wrong with Collin these days.

Michael Hall: thank you. I hope you both are safe now. we now return to the studio.

(Back at the new studio)

Adam: Okay. we have Some Guess visitors. My Mom. my brother Collin hall. eric, Erika, james, Francine, kumi, Andrew, Josh, Andrew and josh's Mom, And Anna and kayla's mother, Luke Harris's Mom, Zara and Her Mom.

Jennifer: Mrs Hall and mr danhudson. is there something you like to say to us.

Mrs Hall: Yes. my son did not get what he wanted and because of this. he pointed his finger at me looking like i'm his Fiancé. then destroyed Wendy's. it was crazy nuts.

Collin hall: but mom. it's their own fault. I didn't get what I want.

Eric: Shut Up Collin. It's Your Own Fault And I'm Very Busy. If You Point Your Finger at me And Destroyed Wendy's, None of this would not happen. i'm way to done with this. We Are Leaving Now.

Jennifer: More News Coming After These Messages.

Adam: Good Bye.

(When They Get Home)

Eric: This Is All Your Fault Collin. I Cannot believe you did all of this. your grounded for 1 year.

Erika: I'm not gonna put up this *bleep*.

Mrs Hall: Go To Bed Now.

Francine: I Agree What your mother said. go to your room and go to bed now.

Kumi: Absolutely. Go to your room and go to bed right now.

Collin Hall: (Jet the Hawk's Voice) Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Kumi: What do 11 of you say if we can go to Taco bell KFC and Pizza hut.

Andrew: Sure Thing.

Josh: Great idea.

Eric: That would be better.

Erika: Same here.

(Now With Rosie, Joey, David, Rosana, Brian, And Anna)

Paulina: Joey And Rosie. I Saw it on the news and eric, Erika and kumi told me about what happened at Wendy's.

Derek: He wanted a chocolate frosty shake. but eric said they are out of them.

Rob: So the clerk offered him a strawberry frosty shake. but no.

Mike: And he destroyed the whole restaurant.

Coulden Pettit: I Agree With You Derek Mike Rob And Paulina, Collin Should No Better the to destroyed the entire Wendy's restaurant. just like my boy gage who destroyed the entire arby's restaurant last time. when he was wanting a reuben but couldn't get one because there were all out of them for the time. he had a get a 3-cheese and bacon sandwich. right.

David: I Know Coulden Pettit. Collin Will Have No Wendy's For The Rest of his life. he might be force to watch south park and teletubbies as his punishment.

Rosana: I'm Sure It Will, David, We Will Not Go Back To Wendy's Until They rebuild the new one.

Brian: Let's go to a different fast food place instead.

Coulden Pettit: Really. This Would Have Never Happen To Me Before.

Alan Stooge: I Know Coulden Pettit. Let's all Go Eat At Arby's.

Anna: Okay.

Coulden: Okay.

Annabelle: Okay.

Mike: Okay.

Rosie: Okay.

David: Okay.

Rosana: Okay.

Paulina: Okay.

Brian: Okay.

Andrew Clark: Okay.

Adrianna: Okay.

AjayMooreIv: Okay.

Landon: Okay.

Landon's Girlfriend: Okay.

Derek: Okay.

Kent: Okay.

Chad: Okay.

Rob: Okay.

Steve: Okay.

Brandon: Okay.

David Cucchiella: Okay

Noisy: Okay.

Candece Nicholson: Okay.

Joey: Okay.

Eric (Michael Laurea): Okay.

Alan Stooge: Then Let's Get Going.


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