How can you explain this
How can you explain this?

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Comedy World was a theme that debuted in 2009, known to be used for GoAnimated Comedy videos more than any other themes. It was first named Slices of Daily Life, back when GoBux and GoPlus started.

As of March 26, 2013, Comedy World was retired with other non-business themes might mark the end of all of the Grounded Videos because the Business themes was also popular with Business accounts still use the theme by saving characters, backgrounds, and props as starters along with the non-business themes. Comedy World and other themes will remain in GoAnimate4Schools until December 10, 2013. As of 2013, you can still use the theme if you saved starters on your account or if have a chrome extension using "Requestly" which however doesn't work very good and on March 9, 2014 it doesn't work anymore at all It's unknown it's permanent or not.

A return of Comedy World is not impossible, but extremely unlikely.

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