Comedy World Fever is an animated short sequel to Comedy World: The Movie.


Eric is excited, because today is PC Guy's birthday and intends to make sure the special day is perfect. Using his powers, he creates a special decoration on the top of PC Guy's birthday cake: figures of Eric and PC Guy ice-skating happily together. Jennifer makes a banner that she hung up across the courtyard which reads "Happy Birthday PC Guy". Eric and Jennifer spent all morning preparing everything and now time was running out. Before dashing off to wake up PC Guy, Eric leaves Jennifer in charge of looking after everything until the guest of honor arrives.

Eric tiptoes into PC Guy's room and gently nudges him, who is still asleep. PC Guy struggles to wake up but after being told about the day Eric has planned for them, he immediately jumps out of bed. When Eric sneezes, neither of the heroes notice that two tiny Stephens pop into the air drop to the floor and scamper away.


  • In this film, Mr. Keebler is naughty again, because he changed the letters on the banner and it said "Dry Banana Hippy Hat".
  • When Eric thought tired, he insists on blowing the Birthday Horn, and sneezes into it, launching a gigantic snowball all the way to Lil' Peepz World, where it hits Jessica Andrews as she is shoveling manure at the royal stables.
  • PC Guy is seen waking up with lazy eyes.

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