Comedy World The Movie (also known as Comedy World The Movie) is a 2012 american animated comedy action film directed by SonicComedian. The film is distributed by Columbia Pictures, and produced by Bad Robot, GoAnimate Pictures, and Klasky/Csupo. This film was originally filmed and animated at Klasky/Csupo and GoAnimate animation units, and finally written on the script, directed and produced the movie, creating story, and animated for additional animation services at the Bad Robot animation unit on February 3, 2008, but now, it was released in cinemas on June 11, 2012.


The film centers around Blossom and her team as they discover that Citysville has threatened to destroy Townsville without warning. Plus, they have planned to erase Townsville from history, so Blossom is determined to travel back to the year 1999 and find Young Buttercup so she can make her decision. This makes this the Powerpuff Girls series finale, whereas there are no other Powerpuff Girls films in production. The film was originally planned to be the fifth sequel released unchronilogically, followed by what would have been the final produced Powerpuff Girls film, titled "Generations". However, due to the fifth film being the fourth produced PPG film, TjComedian announced at a press release in February 2012. "We have officially taken The Powerpuff Girls Movie 4: Generations out of our production-to do-list due to it being released unchronilogically, which no one has ever tried to do before. The fourth sequel of 2002's The Powerpuff Girls Movie will now change its name from The PPG Movie 5 to Comedy World The Movie." The film premiered at the TCL Chinese Theatre at Hollywood, California on June 11, 2012.

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