Curves is a operating system companion/tour guider of his operating system "Curves Strangerz 4300"

In Jimmy Neutron, his face looks so familiar to Nick Dean's. He appears in Jimmy Neutron, Curves Strangers OS, and Curves Job Season 1 1995 VHS.


He wears a blue shirt, greenish pants, and red shoes (or blue)

About Himself

- Full Name: Curves Rudy Strangerz

- Date of Birth: July 16, 1995

- Friends: Nick, Brian, Nahara, Olsen, Kimmie, Clara, Jenna, Butch, Kevin, Ike, Tristan, Nathan, Nissa, Wendall, Mabry, Abreal, Bart, Lumpkie, Pauly, Rocko

- Age: 21

- Voiced by: Young Guy (formerly), Pauly

- Likes: The Curves Strangerz Show, Nissa, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, KFC, Computers, 90's fashion, Nature, Red Robin, Laser Planet, Aaahh! Real Monsters, Peep and the Big Wide World, etc.

- Dislikes: Baby shows, Getting grounded, Nissa (sometimes), Retiring, Expelled, Suspended, Pain, Jimmy Neutron,

- Favorite Songs: Money for Nothing, U Can't Touch This

- Relatives: Mrs. Strangerz (mother), Mr. Strangerz (father), Earlene Strangerz (sister) Jevonte (baby), Smokey (cat)


In the GoAnimate video, Jimmy Steals the Teacher's Job, Curves was known to be a strict student when he got sent to Principal Willoughby's office with Amy McKenny.

Show Appearances

Jimmy Neutron (2002 - 2006), Brian's GoAnimate Series (TBA), The Curves Strangerz Show (1995 - 2001), The Nissa Series (2015 - present)


Pictures of Curves from Jimmy Neutron, GoAnimate, and The Nissa Series (made by me)

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