Rosie Gaiowalter is the Female is the main antagonist of the secondary antagonist. In general, person, often into trouble.


Rosie and selfish 6-7 Year New, although he looks much older than, Ungrounded he is in the original series, Rosie. He wears a yellow T-shirt with navy shorts and red shoes. Rosie is much taller than, and much taller. Anthone, than his 1996, 8-10 Year, New, counterpart in the original, Rosie.

Voice: Ivy


Do Description: Yes. / No.

Brian / PC Guy: Rosie at Happy, Mom and Dad. (Yes).

Brian / PC Guy: Rosie, I Love you. (Yes).

Brian / PC Guy: Rosie, at Fast Food, Burp. (Yes).

Brian / PC Guy: Rosie at Go Sleeping. Zzzz. (Yes).

Stephanie: you Rosie, Fire extreme violence. (No).

Bad, Eric: Stupid, you Rosie! Sxxk extreme violence. (No).

Brian / PC Guy: Eric, you are Grounded! (Yes).

Good, Rosie. at Fast Food sees Pool Party. (Yes).

Rosie, Music and Dance, Butt sees Fart Is Poop. (Yes).

Rosie: Love and Kissing, Anthone. <3 (Yes).

Anthone: Kiss, Rosie and Anthone. Cool. <3 (Yes).

Rosie: Music of Dance, La la la la la. (Yes).

February 5, 1996. Born: Baby. Name is Rosie. <3 (Yes).

February 5, 1996. Born: Rosie, Baby. Mother. <3 (Yes).

Rosie: TV Shows, GoAnimate Kids is Programming (Yes).

Not is violence No. Bad, Eric: you Rosie! blood, Sxxk and extreme violence are removed (No).