Daisy eats some dessert, gets fat, and gets grounded.


Acapela Kenny as Daisy

Acapela Ryan as Brian


Manager: Welcome to the Fancy Restaraunt. How can i help you.

Daisy: Yeah. I'll have some milk, soda, juice, ice cream, pizza, breadsticks, a cheeseburger, mozzarella sticks, and french fries. It will be a meal.

Daisy: Thank you.

[She sits at the table and eats the meal]

Daisy: Ahhh, that felt good.

[She gets fat]

Daisy: Oh no, i'm fat. Now Brian is gonna see me.

[Meanwhile she was at home]

Brian: Daisy, how dare you get fat at the Fancy Restaraunt. Thats it. Youre grounded for five weeks. Now go to your room.

Daisy: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!

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