Daisy refuses to eat her dinner, and she wants Taco Bell. but Brian tells her that they are not going to have Taco Bell and they are having Egg Salad. Daisy throws the Egg Salad into the wall, gets grounded, and goes to bed.


Acapela Kenny as Daisy

Acapela Ryan as Brian


Daisy: (angrily) I don't wanna eat my dinner,

Brian: Yes, you are, so eat it.

Daisy: No, i want Taco Bell.

Brian: No, we are not going to have Taco Bell. We are having this. so eat it.

Daisy: That's it, i'm throwing my dinner into the wall. I hate Egg Salad!

(She throws her dinner into the wall)

Brian: (400% voice, angrily) Daisy, how dare you throw your dinner into the the wall?! That's it, you are grounded for 5 weeks. Go to your room. No dinner for you. Early to bed.

Daisy: (in Custard's voice) Nooooooooooo!!

(She runs away, crying)

(Cut to the bedroom)

Brian: Daisy, you have been very bad. We're not gonna buy you any more cake, I'm gonna take away your MLP:FIM dvd. I'm gonna rip your toys, and you're not getting your All Grown Up VHS. Go to bed or you will be beaten up by Jet the Hawk! Do you want that? No, so go to bed