Daisy gets some dvds, and watches them. She got grounded for two weeks.


Acapela Kenny as Daisy

Acapela Ryan as Brian.


  • Daisy: I'll get Toy Story and Rockos Modern Life.
  • [She goes to the store]
  • Manager: How can i help you.
  • Daisy: I would like to get Toy Story and Rockos Modern Life.
  • Mananger: Thank you. Have a nice day.
  • Daisy: Okay.
  • [Meanwhile, she was at home]
  • Daisy: I got Toy Story and Rockos Modern Life. I'll watch them. I think i'll watch Toy Story.
  • [She puts on Toy Story]
  • Daisy: Let's watch it.
                         COMING SOON TO THEATERS
  • Announcer: Coming Soon To Theaters
                      DISNEY PRESENTS A PUXAR FILM
  • [After the movie]
  • Daisy: That was great. Now i'll watch Rockos Modern Life.
  • [She puts on Rockos Modern Life]
  • Daisy: Let's do it.
  • [After the movie]
  • Daisy: That was great. I love them.
  • [Brian enters]
  • Brian: Daisy, how dare you get Toy Story and Rockos Modern Life.
  • Daisy: I got them.
  • Brian: Thats it. Youre grounded for two weeks. I will force you to watch Strawberry Shortcakes Berry Bitty Adventures, Care Bears Welcome To Care A Lot, My Little Pony Friendship Was Magic, My Little Pony Adventures In Ponyville, Teletubbies, Rugrats, Family Game Night, Alvin Show, Barney, Bob the Builder, Thomas The Tank Engine, Book Of Pooh, and The Wiggles for your life.
  • Daisy: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

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