Phil DeVille as dad

Daniel as himself

Kimi Finster as mom

(Daniel in front of an apple store)

Daniel: I will buy an iPod.

(in store)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Daniel: I would like an iPod.

(Daniel pays for the iPod and goes home)

(at home)

Daniel: Now that I have the iPod, I will listen to songs now.

(Kimi walks in)

Kimi Finster: Daniel, we have... oh my gosh, is that an iPod?

Daniel: Yes.

Phil DeVille: Daniel, I cannot believe you purchased an iPod! I will return to the store.

Kimi Finster: No, I will return it.

(Phil and Kimi get into a fight until in the process, their fight cracks the iPod's screen)

Phil DeVille: Ohohohohohohohohohoh!

Daniel: I guess I'm grounded.

Kimi Finster: That's it. Not only that, our fight cracked the iPod's screen. How are we going to return it?

(back at store)

Clerk: Phil and Kimi, what brings you here?

Phil DeVille: (shows clerk damaged iPod) Our son just bought this without our permission. Neither one of us could agree on who should return it so we got into a fight and during the fight, one of us cracked the screen.

Clerk: Oh my gosh!

(manager walks in)

Clerk: They fought and their fight just cracked the screen.

Phil DeVille: No, during our fight, Kimi, accidentally slammed the iPod on the floor causing its screen to break.

Clerk: That's considered customer abuse. You can't return it.

Phil DeVille (in booming voice): What? He just bought this iPod without our permission! Do you think we're charity?

Clerk: That's not something we can return.

Phil Deville:Looks like we can't return the iPod.

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