David Egbert stops Macusoper from vandalizing the movies.


David's Mom: Hey David Egbert, we got tickets to see Mad Max: Fury Road because your brother wanted to see it.

(shock fanfare plays)

David Egbert: That movie is rated R!

David's Dad: David Egbert, I don't care. We're going to the movies and that's final.

(at the movies)

David Egbert: Man I don't like this movie.

David's Dad: Gee David, you don't have any confidence in the movie, so try to.

(40 minutes later)

Macusoper: I'm going to vandalize the screen!

David Egbert: Oh you do not!

David's Dad: I agree with David Egbert, you better not vandalize the screen.

Macusoper: I can do whatever I want. I will vandalize the screen with Pepsi!

Macusoper's Dad: Macusoper, how dare you fail to vandalize the screen! That's it! Your grounded grounded grounded for a month!

(after the movie)

David's Dad: David Egbert, I'm proud of you busting Macusoper from vandalizing the screen. You are now ungrounded for this.

David Egbert: Yay! Thanks, Dad!

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