Dead Meat (Behavior Card Day, Behavior Item Day, etc.) is a popular GoAnimate punishment trope. It's usually called "Behavior ____ Day" or "_____ gets in dead meat". Dead meat is an expression for being doomed. Those videos are some kind of alternate version of report card days, where the students get to have rewards and punishments instead of just a note to their parents. Some videos even have logos or something unique instead of students. Logos getting in dead meat?? SERIOUSLY??

Behavior Days would be a really bad idea in real life because it would stir up a lot of jealousy and conflicts, and that would also destroy the self-esteem of many students because they get bad cards, and the teacher gets to show favoritism towards the students.

Behavior Chart Day 1 (MOST VIEWED!)

Behavior Chart Day 1 (MOST VIEWED!)

An example of a behavior card day.

Behavior Card/Chart Days

This is the most popular type of dead meat videos. In the plot, a teacher, sometimes the user who created the video, announces that it's Behavior Card Day (or Behavior Chart Day), and there is also has a range of cards on the blackboard. The teacher calls each student one by one, ranked from the best to worst card. The last one to get called gets in "dead meat" (most often a black card) which means they get expelled. Good cards have more positive colors (like blue, or green) while bad cards have more negative colors (like yellow, orange or red). There is also a white card that's neutral and means nothing happens, making the student just go back to their seat. The teacher always ranks the students based on personal opinions and their behavior.

Usually, the student in dead meat is so shocked that they say "um" several times, then apologize and beg for another chance, then the teacher gets into a fit of rage and says "ABSOLUTELY NOT!", calls them the worst student ever and expels them out of the school. Then the student gets grounded.

There are some videos that include a character cheating by sneakily switching a person's good card with their bad card, and the students usually notice.

Other types

There are also behavior days where there are items or other things instead of cards, but the plot's still the same. There are some unique dead meat videos as well.

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