Mrs. Kimberly

Destiny McDonald


This shows how pretty and cute she appears :)

Bandicam 2013-08-18 17-06-39-428

Usually she is happy, but this time she is angry. Why? We don't know!

Destiny McDonald
is LW97's fictional GoAnimate girlfriend created by Taylor Jolicoeur.

She cries very easily, so please be nice to her.

Birthday: July 22, 1999 in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Age: 17

Death: January 23, 2060

Voice: Emma

Favorite music: german music, Huey Lewis, Lagwagon, Hot Chip, british garage music, Phil Collins, japanese music

Likes: Freddie, Porky, LW97, Adrianna

Dislikes: Candace Nicoleson

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