By LW97.


Destiny: Jimmy, you are grounded forever!

Jimmy: My god, that is not fair! (runs away angrily)

Destiny: Yes! I grounded Jimmy!

(Jimmy comes back with his dad)

Jimmy: Dad, this girl just grounded me!

Jimmy's dad: Well, you jolly well deserved it for always causing trouble at school! You are grounded for three months! As for you, Destiny, you can go home. I will call your parents!

(When Destiny got home...)

Destiny's dad: Destiny, thank you for grounding Jimmy!

Destiny's mom: You are ungrounded! You can now do whatever you like!

Destiny: Thanks, mom and dad!

Destiny's dad: You're welcome!


Emma as Destiny

Dave as Jimmy

Simon as Jimmy's dad and Destiny's dad

Belle as Destiny's mom

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