Cewyah (formerly known as InformNowMedia, BoristheGroundingFetish69 and DieselBustersYesMacusoperNo is a somewhat famous GoAnimator and Roblox fan. She makes Caillou gets grounded videos, and Boris gets grounded videos, and sometimes Rosie gets grounded videos, and Arthur gets grounded videos. Her old username was BorisThe GroundingFetish69, as well as her original channel being terminated. She plays Roblox since many years and makes Roblox videos. She is also one of the few adult GoAnimators.

Link to Channel:

Cewyah August Profile Picture

Subscriber Tracking Count

Date Subscribers
November 1, 2016 739
January 1, 2017 4.64K
August 2, 2017 16.4K
September 1, 2017 17.6K
October 1, 2017 19.3K

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