Diesel is the main antagonist of official Zack series who is created by YouTube user Kryalis (originally BradleyWestgarth1999). Diesel (Mr. Zack) made his first appearance in "Zack gets in trouble at school" a series made on goanimate. He is the father of Zack and Zara.
Mr. Zack
Zack's dad as an assassin


Gender: Male

Hair: Brownish-Green

Voice: Diesel

Occupation: An assassin (formerly)

Family: Kimberly (wife)

Zack (adopted son)

Zara (adopted daughter)

First Appearence: Zack gets in trouble at school

Latest Appearence: Zack Becomes Hardcore

Ethnicity: Caucasian American


He and his wife were assassins. Zack's biological father was an assassin as well. He was summoned by Zack, who asked him to kill the abusive orphanage owner that her lifelong sister lived in. After hearing about the loss of Zack's parents, he and his wife decided to stop being assassins and begin a new life. In 2010, a new kid moved in from another country, and his adopted son has been getting into a lot trouble at school. He and his wife received reports from the school and they ground for that every time. 1 year went by, the lifespan began in the first episode, "Zack gets in trouble at school."

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