Diesel Clark

Diesel Clark

Diesel Clark is the the father of the official Andrew series from DavidComedian1991/DavidTheAnimationGuy, the official Chandler series from Simsfanatic1997 and the official Andrette series from TheJoJuan4444. He is the father of Andrew, Chandler, Andrette and Matthew Clark. He is also the husband of Kimberly Clark and the elder brother of Jeff, Cora and Kenneth "Ken" Clark and the younger brother of Allison and Michael Clark.

He is a fan of Beastie Boys. His mother is from Canada.


Gender: Male

Hair: Dark-Golden Brown

Born: 2 September 1978 in Knoxville, Tennessee

Age: 39

Ethnicity: Caucasian-American



Diesel Clark getting grounded for pulling the fire alarm

In CocaColaComedian1999's videos, Diesel was a huge troublemaker when he grounded Andrew. In CocaColaComedian1999's video "Andrew and Aaron send Barney to the audience", Diesel always thought that Andrew would get grounded, but Kimberly ungrounded him because she hated Barney. Aaron got grounded for sending Barney to the audience as well as going to Andrew's house while grounded. When he ungrounded Andrew, he started to get along with him much better. As of now, he only grounds Matthew and Chandler.


  • "Get your face away from me you mean and strict PC Guy!"
  • "I will throw beer at your face!"
  • "Do not call me Fat Edward!"
  • "I have lost interest in NASCAR."