Domo Looking Rice 2 is a sequel game to Domo Looking Rice (game)

Look at this!: "Made in Domo Animate in 2014 by Domo-Kun ball and Rob the bank productions sorry for having not recorded the full game , I had not so much time with the countdown for the shutdown , but I recorded the walkthrough , this was my last animation before the shutdown I remember , my golden age , August 2014 , I had more friends , more fans and more audience than never , old times , my best times , but when the shutdown message did appear all my plans were ruined! how I would like the Domo Animate still alive , but we can't change nothing and we should accept what happened , the life is not easy , the past year I saw my favorite game shutting down , pet society , really I miss it , if you're a boy maybe you don't know that game because it was more like for girls"

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