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Is a Youtuber and was a Go!Animate user which his famous Go!Animate series titled "Katie and David's Grounded Series" and "Zack's Grounded Series"

He started Youtube since 2011 and he uploads random videos

On October 30, 2016 - his main channel

(Don Angelo Productions123) got terminated due to copyright actions

On December 2016 - his second channel DonAngeloGaming is created, announces he is quitting Go!Animate and he is currently a gamer/vlogger


Name Of Channel Years Active Fate
Swaggerbox 2006 - 2011 termination due to copyright actions
Don Angelo Productions123 2011 - 2016 termination due to copyright/spam actions
DonAngeloGaming 2016 - present ---------
DonAngeloGaming - Vlogging 2017 - present ---------

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