Doof Gets Held Back is a GoAnimate video uploaded by Jack Sullivan on July 10th, 2013.


Miss Callie: "Doof, this has been the 14th you were late to class. Go to the principal's office."

Doof: "But Miss Callie!"

Miss Callie: "Go there now!"

[Cut to: the principal's office]

Principal: "So Doof, what brings you here?"

Doof: "I was late to class for the 14th time."

Principal: "That's it Doof, you are going to be held back! Go to 6th grade now!"

[Cut to 6th grade classroom]

6th Grade Teacher: "OK class. Time for math. So get out a piece of paper." (kids bring out a piece of paper except for Doof) "Doof, where's your piece of paper?"

Doof: "I don't have it. Besides, I'm not in this class."

6th Grade Teacher: "That's it! Go to 5th grade!"

[Doof is seen at elementary school]

Doof: "Great! I'm in elementary school!"

[Cut to: inside a 5th Grade classroom]

5th Grade Teacher: "OK class. We're going on a field trip to the zoo. So let's head for the bus. But wait! Doof, why is there a shark on the desk? You're not supposed to bring it with you! That's it! Go to 4th grade!"

Doof: (outside the 4th grade classroom) "This is not good!"

[Cut to: inside the classroom]

4th Grade Teacher: "Alright class. How do you spell house?"

Doof: "P-P-U-S-E, House!"

4th Grade Teacher: "Doof, that's not how we spell house! You know better than that! That's it! Go to 3rd grade!"

[Cut to: Doof at 3rd Grade]

3rd Grade Teacher: "OK class. Bring out your snack, because it's snacktime." (kids get out snacks except Doof) "Doof, where's your snack?"

Doof: "I don't have it."

3rd Grade Teacher: "Go to 2nd grade now!"

[Cut to: Doof at 2nd Grade]

2nd Grade Teacher: "Alright class. It's show and tell time! I hope you brought something to show to the class. Doof, where's your something to Show and Tell?"

Doof: "I don't have it."

2nd Grade Teacher: "Go to 1st grade now!"

[Cut to: Doof at 1st grade]

1st Grade Teacher: "OK class. Let's sing a song!"

Doof: "Hey stupid! I have a song for you, Move move move your train riding across the tracks! Boom boom boom boom and then you die!"

1st Grade Teacher: "That was the worst song ever! That's it Doof! Go to Kindergarten!"

[Cut to: Doof at Kindergarten]

Kindergarten Teacher: "OK class, it's art time! So you can paint what you like! Doof, where's your painting picture?" 

Doof: "I don't have it."

Kindergarten Teacher: "Then go to preschool!"

Doof: (outside the preschool building) "Why did I get held back all the way to preschool?"

[Cut to: Inside preschool]

Preschool Teacher: "Who wants chocolate and milk?" 

Preschooler: "Me!"

Doof: "Oh boy, I am so hungry!"

[Doof eats all the foods on the floor]

Preschooler: "Doof ate all the chocolate and drank all the milk!" (cries)

Preschool Teacher: "Doof, you know we got to share! That's it! Go home now!"

[At home]

Doof's Father: "Oh my god, Doof! I can't believe you got held back all the way to preschool! Your mother and I are so mad at you!"

Doof's Mother: "Doof, you're grounded grounded grounded forever!"

Doof: "Mom and Dad, I am sorry!"

Doof's Father: "No sorrys! Now go to your room now and stay there for one day!"

Doof: (running away crying) "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

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