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Drillimation (ドリメーション Dorimēshon) is a GoAnimate account who creates animations based on characters in the Mr. Driller universe every day and posts them to Instagram (@drillimation).


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The Drillimation page on GoAnimate.

Drillimation decided to start his own series of animations on GoAnimate during the summer of 2014. When he became very interested in making Mr. Driller animations, he founded Drillimation on Instagram. In October of 2014, he got a GoPlus subscription so he can start making Mr. Driller animations. In Drillimations, the sprites were custom made by KingMTJ and all sprites in Drillimations are (C) KingMTJ.


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  1. Wataru turns school into Creeper's Arcade
    • Wataru turns his school into an arcade known as Creeper's Arcade and gets suspended.
  2. Wataru gives his teacher plastic surgery
    • Wataru gives his teacher plastic surgery so he can change her look and gets detention.
  3. Susumu kills Barney
    • Susumu kills Barney with his drill and gets grounded.
  4. Susumu craps at the Theatre
    • Susumu interrupts the Godzilla movie by crapping at the cinema.
  5. Susumu gets grounded for nothing
    • Susumu watches TV and gets grounded for nothing.
  6. Wataru attacks Konata Izumi
    • Wataru attacks the most famous shoujo anime character, Konata Izumi, with a diamond sword.
  7. Wataru gets his revenge
    • After the events of attacking Konata Izumi at the Driller TV headquarters, Wataru gets his revenge by sending his parents to jail.
  8. Wataru vs. Miyuki
    • Wataru, Susumu, and Chuta go to a sky basketball court to view the beautiful heights of Minecraftia, until one of Wataru's enemies, Miyuki from Lucky Star, shows up. Wataru takes her on in a battle.
  9. Keel Sark Babysits Susumu
    • Keel has to babysit Susumu because Masuyo and her friends have to see a movie. Susumu watches AVGN instead of the show he is asked to watch.
  10. Wataru's parents return
    • Wataru's parents break out of jail and finds out about it through an email sent to him. He tries to escape so he doesn't get caught but gets caught within three hours.
  11. Wataru misbehaves at an assembly
    • Wataru goes to an assembly about the release of Pokémon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire, and apparenly, calls Treecko and Torchic "The most murderous cult on the planet".
  12. Keel Sark gets in Dead Meat
    • Keel Sark gets a pink card.
  13. Wataru turns Ryou High School into Quaker Steak and Lube
    • Wataru changes a school name from Ryou High School to Quaker Steak and Lube.
  14. Chuta gets fatter at Tim Horton's
    • Chuta goes to Tim Horton's to eat his favorite, curry donuts, and gets fatter.

Miscellaneous Stuff

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