I'm only doing the part where Dylan tried to harass his mom. They later took the train but the conductor saw them and banned them from riding the subway for ten long months.


Dylan: Lick my butt! Lick my butt! Lick my buuuuuuutt!

(on train)

Dylan: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Dylan's mom: Stop crying! Sorries and apologies won't work.

Conductor: Is that your son crying?

Dylan's mom: Yes it is! Dylan started to harass me and told me to lick his butt.

Conductor: Dylan McCarthy! I can't believe you tried to harass your mom! You know this could get you arrested! That's it! You are banned from riding the subway for ten long months! Get off right now!

Dylan's mom: But I can explain! Our car broke down.

Conductor: I don't care if your car broke down. Get off now!

(walks off of train and to street)

Dylan's mom: How dare you tell the conductor on us? He saw us and now we can't ride the subway for ten months.

Dylan: Can we at last go back and finish our conversation?

Dylan's mom: For the last time, the answer is no. The conductor then banned us from riding the subway. Now we can't go home on any subway for ten long months.

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