Sophie is captured by Caillou and turned into a cat!


(Silver GoAnimate Pictures logo appears, Markiplier pushes the logo with a forklift)

Caillou: Dad, I found a lost cat!

Caillou's Dad: That's nice, let's go watch the news.

Reporter: Good evening everyone, it seems like someone has turned Sophie into a cat and plans to use it as a pet.

Eric: Wait, I saw a boy named Caillou who did it!

Naomi: Whatever he does, he has to send her back!

Caillou's Dad: Everyone thinks you had something to do with this cat. Did you turn it into a cat.

Caillou: Yeah

Caillou's Dad: Why?

Caillou: I wanted another pet to deal with.

Caillou's Dad: That's it! Your grounded for 2 years!

(Caillou goes to his room)

Caillou: I have an idea! I'll make a combination of Sophie and Gilbert. I'll call them Super Gilbert Cats.

(Caillou builds supersuit for Sophie and Gilbert)

Eric: And I was going to- Hey, looks like a bunch of construction going on in there.

(they see a construction site)

Naomi: I guess your right. How about we go investigate?

Eric: Okay.

(they see Caillou with 2 cats)

Eric: Hey, what's going on?

Caillou: Behold, the Super Gilbert Cats!

Naomi: Get him!

Caillou: Too late. I already called PC Guy.

Eric: What?! This can't be possible!

(A helicopter appears and takes Caillou)

(Eric and Naomi also get on the ladder)

Eric: Alright, hold tight everyone!

(Gilbert pulls out super screwdriver and unscrews the ladder)

Eric: Oh shoot-

(they fall)

Naomi: Oh, where are we?

Eric: We seem to be knocked down in the woods.

(they look around)

Naomi: Check our tools.

Eric: Still have them. I suggest we build a radar station so the others can communicate with us, and then stop the Super Gilbert Cats!

(they build a radar station)

Eric: There we go.

(the computer rings)

Naomi: I'll get it.

(Naomi gets on the computer)

Naomi: Yes, the other teammates responded, they have located us and we are going to make it once and for all.

Eric: Alright, what net?

Naomi: Now we need to wait for them to arrive.

Eric: I'll check my iPad Pro with 5G to check my mail.

(He gets a troll mail from PC Guy)

Eric: PC Guy is trolling us.

(the other members arrive)

Curiousgorge55: Hey you guys! Where's PC Guy and Caillou?

Eric: They ran off in a heilcopter. We tried to get on their tail, but Gilbert used a super screwdriver to unscrew the ladder!

Oberon: Let me check my radar: He seems to be heading to his secret base again.

Eric: I knew it. Let's go!

(they follow PC Guy in a jet)

Eric: We made it.

Naomi: So what do we do now?

(They see a fortified hideout of PC Guy's troops)

Eric: I need to use a strategy.

1: Use grenade

2: Use sniper rifle

Eric: Okay. I'm using the sniper rifle.

(Eric blows up the fuel storage)

Naomi: Nice one, you scared all of them when you blew up the fuel storage.

Eric: Alright, what next?

Naomi: We need to figure out how to open this door.

Eric: I'll pick it. (he successfully picks the lock)

Eric: Ready?

Naomi: Ready.

Fluttershy: Ready.

Curiousgorge55: Ready.

(they jump)

Curiousgorge55: I wonder how deep it is.

(the other heroes fall into a net trap)

Caillou: Nice one guys. With this net, the heroes will never make it.

Curiousgorge55: Looks like it's up to me now to save them and stop Caillou and PC Guy!

(Curiousgorge55 jumps down)

Curiousgorge55: Looks like they have already taken them.

(Curiousgorge55 goes west)

Curiousgorge55: Better find them before they start taking over again!

LightStar: Ha (x10)!

Curiousgorge55: That's not funny!

LightStar: I tested Caillou's transformation blasts on Foxy Colleen and Foxy Colleen became an otter!

(LightStar's words repeat in Curiousgorge55's head)

Curiousgorge55: An... otter? (Kidaroo's voice) I can't believe Caillou would turn an innocent otter into an evil cat! That's it! I will punch you and learn the true facts!

LightStar: NO (x50)!

(Curiousgorge55 punches LightStar)

LightStar: Those were the true facts. Sophie is an otter.

Curiousgorge55: Flipendo!

(LightStar gets hit with a Knockback Jinx)

Curiousgorge55: Now to find Caillou.

(at Caillou's helicopter)

Caillou: Ha (x20)! Now he will never find you!

(screen flickers to show Curiousgorge55)

Curiousgorge55: (Kidaroo's voice) Caillou! How dare you turn an innocent otter into an evil cat! That's it! (normal voice) I put a bomb in the helicopter! The bomb will explode in 3... 2... 1...

(the bomb explodes and the helicopter goes down)

Caillou: NO (x50)!

(the helicopter crashes and Curiousgorge55 runs to the wreckage)

Caillou: How dare you destroy the helicopter!

Curiousgorge55: I will send you home and call the cops to arrest PC Guy, LightStar and Foxy Colleen!

PC Guy: Why?

Police Officer: PC Guy, LightStar and Foxy Colleen! You are under arrest! Go to court, then jail!

(the court finds the three guilty)

(at Caillou's house)

Caillou's Dad: Caillou, how dare you make the Super Gilbert Cats! That's it! You're grounded (x10) for life! And I will turn Sophie back to normal!

(Sophie is now back to normal)

Sophie: Yay! I'm an otter again! (kicks Caillou)

Caillou: What? Why didn't I get a cat from the pet store when I thought about having another pet to take care of?

Curiousgorge55: It's because you didn't think about the pet store! And I'm getting Gilbert out of the supersuit and destroying the supersuit!

(Curiousgorge55 gets Gilbert out of the supersuit)

Caillou's Dad: Go to your room, Caillou!

(Caillou takes Gilbert to his room, crying)

Sophie: Thanks for turning me back to normal!

Curiousgorge55: You're welcome. And there's something I need to do.

(Curiousgorge55 frees the other ElHeroes)

Eric: Thanks. But where's Caillou?

Curiousgorge55: He's grounded for life!

Oberon: Scanning Caillou's house. Sophie is back to normal.

Eric: Wait, where's Sophie?

Fluttershy: Sophie's an otter again.

Naomi: And Twilight Sparkle is hanging out with PB&J Otter right now!

Curiousgorge55: Okay... but there's something else we forgot.

Eric: The ladder! Gilbert unscrewed the ladder!

Curiousgorge55: No, I think Princess Peach has been kidnapped!

Eric: I think she's being force-fed as well!

Curiousgorge55: Okay. We need to stop whoever's doing this!

TO BE CONTINUED IN ElHeroes 7: Return of Daillou

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