The ElHeroes are facing their hardest villain ever.


(Black GoAnimate Productions Logo appears splatted with blue and magenta paint)

Eric: Well, we captured every villain we knew for a long term.

Naomi: Yeah, but do you hear that?

(A mysterious girl in a purple aura wrecks the city)

Curiousgorge55: I guess that will do.

Carmilla: Hey ElHeroes! I'm getting my revenge on you for beating my unstoppable aura. Now I'm stealing all of the power shards to destroy the universe!

Eric: Stop saying that!

Carmilla: I don't care. If you don't stop me after I get all of the Power Shards of Harmony, I'm destroying the universe.

All: Bring it on.

Eric: Oberon, use dissolve beam!

(Oberon fires with the Dissolve beam but she deflects it)

Eric: That didn't work?! That's it!

Carmilla: You ever heard of "being banished for a 1000 years?"

Eric: Seriously? How can we survive for a 1000 years.

Carmilla: Just try it. (she summons a lightning bolt at them)

(The lightning bolt teleports them)

Eric: Where are we?

Princess Luna: We seem to be on the moon.

Curiousgorge55: Oh come on! We can't just sit there and do nothing!

Oberon: Building Process jammed.

Eric: Dang it, we need to use our razor sharp wits to get out of here alive!

Octavia: I have a better idea. How about we convert our supersuits into a fixing station?

Eric: That's a great idea.

(they take off their supersuits and make them into a fixer)

Eric: There, we can now repair Oberon's building system.

(they fixed Oberon and rebuilt their supersuits and made a spaceship)

Eric: There we go, now we can go back and fight Carmilla!

(they get back to Earth)

Eric: Now Oberon, use Trap Person!

Oberon: Terminating...

(Carmilla's shield statics)

(Oberon gets a error that says"

"The following person can not be trapped because it is too resistant"

Carmilla sends the following message:

"I have grown tired of this game"

Eric: We can't trap her? Then we have to get the Power Shards then!

Naomi: Here's one!

(Naomi shows Eric a Power Shard)

Eric: How many are left?

Naomi: The moon's full of them!

Eric: Those are fakes! You're holding the only real one on the moon!

Naomi: Oh. I thought the others were the same.

Eric: Well, the fake ones have no glow in them.

Curiousgorge55: Well, we got one of them, and that can be used to sharpen our weapons even more.

Eric: Oh, ready to fight Carmilla again?

All: Ready.

(they all unleash their Ultimate Skill: Rainbow Decryption Laser)

(the laser makes a unpluggable crack on her shield)

Eric: Yes! Her armor is down! Get her!

(Eric slashes her even more and the shield blows up)

Curiousgorge55: Well then, your evil plan has failed.

Carmilla: You were saying? (Carmilla heals her shield back up)

Naomi: We have to fight Carmilla again?

Eric: Guys, you go fight Carmilla, That Power Shard will help you. I'll get the other shards.

(Eric runs and gets all of the other shards)

Eric: Wow, I got all of them. Now to get back.

(they get back)

Eric: What?

Carmilla: Nice try, but I've captured all of them in the Reverse Trap! Watch this!

(Carmilla swaps with Curiougorge55)

Curiousgorge55: Eric! How could you!

Eric: Stop being a traitor!

(Carmilla swaps with Oberon)

Oberon: New Target: Eric

Eric: Why is everyone hating me?

Carmilla: See, when you capture heroes, I'll play as their souls and fight for the villains.

(Carmilla and Eric get into a sword fight)

Carmilla: That's it! Unleashing Shard Magnet.

(Carmilla magnets the shards)

(Carmilla turns invincible)

Eric: Looks like I need to settle this the hard way. Hey Carmilla.

Carmilla: What?

Eric: Did you know... You were adopted!

(Scary sound plays as she gets shocked)

(screen tints blue)

(Carmilla runs and jumps)

(screen tints normal)

(camera goes toward a grave saying "Carmilla" with two statues of her)

Eric: That was a easy way of defeating her. Now I got to save them!

(black screen says "30 years later")

Old Eric: And that's the end of the tale.

Paz: So, what happened to the ElHeroes?

Old Eric: As of now, they continued on for up to 30 years.

Paz: And what happened to them?

Old Eric: Yes, as the old age began, they were starting to retire and passed on their role to their descendents.

Paz: So anyways, is that all-

Robot: We've surrounded your house! This is your first and final warning!

Old Eric: Looks like our talk time is over. This will be our final test of the old ElHeroes before I go to the GoAnimate retirement village.

Paz: (gets in supersuit) Alright, so let's go!

(Old Eric and Paz run to battle the Robots)



The way how Eric defeats Carmilla is a reference to how Luigi defeated Mario by telling a joke that he's adopted.

This is the final movie of the ElHeroes series, and it starts another movie series called Glacia, the name of the superhero Paz portrays.

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