• Elijah Henderson: Eric
  • Chibi: Kate
  • Detention Teacher: Paul
  • Mr. Cameron: David
  • Ms. Cameron: Kate
  • Jacob Cameron: Zack


  • Chibi: OK guys, we'll learn about our superpowers today
  • (Elijah throws the ball at CJ)
  • (CJ blows raspberry/taunts/sticks tongue out/angrily blows raspberry)
  • Chihi: Who did that?!
  • Elijah: It was Jacob Cameron!
  • Chibi: (furious) That's It! Go to detention now, Jacob!
  • At Dentention
  • Detention Teacher: Now Jacob why do you have detention?
  • Jacob (sad): Because Elijah threw the ball at CJ I got blamed.
  • Detention Teacher (angrily): Jacob Cameron, You have 2 more weeks of detention!
  • Chibi: So Mr. Cameron, do you know why I called you here?
  • Mr. Cameron: No, because you don't know what Jacob did at school today.
  • Chibi (angrily): Jacob threw the basketball at CJ.
  • Mr. Cameron (angrily): Jacob did what?! He is grounded!
  • Mr. Cameron: Jacob, you are grounded for 12 years!
  • Jacob: What?
  • Ms. Cameron: You are grounded! We can't stand you always getting in trouble! I am going to call his dad about it! Hello, do you know what Jacob did at school?
  • Mr. Cameron: Jacob, you got in trouble I mean c'mon..throwing the ball at CJ?
  • Jacob: But Dad, I didn't do it
  • Mr. Cameron: Well then, you're grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for 12 years for lying again to me, your mother, and Elijah.
  • Mrs. Cameron: You are so grounded, Go to your room now!