Ella and Troublemakers escape Mental people's Home and gets grounded is a half hour episode of Ella gets grounded. It orignailly aired on the Go!Animate Network on August 7 2015 at 3.00pm GMT.


It Follows Ella getting send to mental people's home for doing bad stuff in her life. When she goes she sees her friends there Dora, Bing, Ki Lan, Todd and Lotso. They chat what stuff got then there.Ella said Tia's coming and Tia said Dinner's done. Then they have a misfit when they want Mc Donalds instead of turkey. Bing and Ki Lan where done eating there food. Tia forced them to Watch Boohbah and Horrid Henry on CITV. Bing and Ki Lan have a misfit that they want to watch Bing and Ni hao Ki Lan on Nick jr and CBeebies. Tia said if they don't watch Boohbah or Horrid Henry. Tia will rap Then to sticky tape to the sofa. Bing and Ki Lan when in the sitting room to watch the Cartoons. Ella and the other Troublemakers sit on beds and say that they hate Tia. Then Todd had a good idea. they would escape mental people's home. Bing raped up Tia and killed her with a gun. The Troublemakers when pasted the city. Bing founded a car and he drove the car to the beach. Later the Poilce went after the troublemakers in the car. Bing drived the car as fast as it could go. The car crashed into a wall and the troublemakers got in BIG trouble. Eric the Police man Told the Troublemakers to get out of the car right now. GNN news went on air telling everyone the news which occured 2 hours ago. Vodefone fan 123 talked about the news right now. A few other people talked about the news aswell. GNN news's broadcast ended. Then Ella's Mom grounded all of the troublemakers. And called all of there Moms and Dad's and told Ella to go to her room.

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