Ember Mclain Calls The Baby Stupid and Gets Grounded is Ember's Grounded Series


  • Ember Mclain: Kayla
  • Mr. Mclain: Diesel
  • Mrs. Mclain: Kimberly
  • Mitch Mclain: Shy Girl
  • Nurse: Kendra


Mr. Mclain: Ember! You're Mom is Going to Have a Baby!!

Ember: Oh really? Is it a Boy or a Girl?

Mrs. Mclain: We'll tell you later sweetheart.

Mr. Mclain: Now Get in the Car.

(Drives to the Hospital)

Nurse: Oh! You're having a baby huh? Well push hard!

Nurse: Harder.

Nurse: A little harder.

(Baby comes out)

Nurse: Congratulations! It's a Boy!

Mrs. Mclain: I think I will name him Mitch.

Mrs. Mclain: So what do you Guys Think about the baby?

Mr. Mclain: The Baby is Cute!

Ember: No way! I think the Baby Is Stupid!!

(Mitch Starts Crying)

Mr. Mclain: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Ember! How dare you call you're new little brother stupid?! That's it!! You are grounded grounded grounded for 900 years!!

(When They Went Home...)

Mr. Mclain: Now go to you're room right now!

(Ember runs to her room crying)

Mrs. Mclain: It's okay, now. You can stop crying.

(Gives Mitch a bottle of milk)

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