Ember McLain Kills Barney and Gets Grounded is Ember's grounded series.


  • Ember Mclain: Kayla
  • Mr. Mclain: Diesel
  • Mrs. Mclain: Kimberly
  • Barney: Kidaroo
  • TV Show Announcer: Dallas
  • Kid #1: Shy Girl
  • Kid #2: Ivy
  • Kid #3: Young Guy


TV Show Announcer: Stay Tune for Barney & Friends! Only on PBS Kids!

Ember: Man! I Hate That Retarded Purple Dinosaur! I Wish I Could Kill Him! Wait! I know! I'm going to kill him right now! What a great idea! I'll Go Get My Guitar!!

(Ember gets Her Guitar)

(Ember goes to the PBS Kids Headquarters)

Ember: This is Where Barney is! I'll Kill Him and Mount His Head Off!!

(Ember goes to barney)

Barney: Why, hello there! You look like you're having a rough day! How about I give you a hug? That'll make you feel better.

Ember: No! I Hate You! Let's Go Kill This Retarded Purple Dinosaur!!

(Ember uses Punch Spell on Her Guitar to Kill Barney)

(Barney dies)

Kid #1: Oh no! You Killed Barney!! 

Kid #2: Why did you have to kill Barney? Waaaaaaah!

Kid #3: How dare you kill Barney? I'm calling your parents!

(Ember Runs Home)

Mr. Mclain: Ember!! How dare you Kill Barney?! He was my Favorite TV Character!! That's it!! You're grounded grounded grounded for 100 Years!!

Mrs. Mclain: Now Go to You'r Room Now and Never Ever Ever Show Your Ghostly butt here again!!

(Ember Runs to her room Crying)

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