Emmet visits Caillou


Paul as Emmet's Dad

Julie as Caillou's Mom and Lucy

Eric as Caillou's Dad and Emmet Brickowski

Evil Genius as Caillou


Emmet: Hey, dad

Emmet's Dad: Yes, Emmet Brickowski

Emmet: Can I go to Caillou's House

Emmet's Dad: NO

Emmet: Ugh

Lucy: Hi, Emmet

Emmet: (screams)

Lucy: Sorry that I scared you, but I can take you to Caillou's House

Emmet: Best day ever

Doris: Want some lemonade

Caillou: Yes

Emmet: Yes

Boris: Oooooooooo! Emmet How dare you visit Caillou! That's it! Go home while I ground him.

Emmet: Waaaaaaaaaaah

Boris: Caillou! How dare you invite Emmet! That freaking does it! You are grounded forever! Go upstairs to your room now

Caillou: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Emmet's Dad: Ooooooooooh! Emmet Brickowski! How dare you go to Caillou's House! You know I don't like him! That does it! You are grounded forever! Go to your room now

Emmet: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah


Emmet Brickowski looks like how he did in The Lego Movie

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