This Grounded Video is made by CodPlayerRussia


AT&T Mike as Enderman

Alan as Enderdragon

Dave as EnderBoy

Young Guy as Movie Guy


[Scene Cuts out with Enderman,Enderdragon and EnderBoy]

Enderman: "Hey Dad what are we doing today?"

EnderBoy: "Yeah Dad where are we going?"

Enderdragon: "Were Going To The Movies."

Enderman and EnderBoy: "But Where are We Going to see?"

Enderdragon: "We Will be going to see Corpse Party The Movie!"

EnderBoy that he appears happy: "YAY!!!! I HAD BEEN DYING TO SEE THE MOVIE!"

Enderman: "Oh man not that gory movie I wanted to go see Modern Warfare 3 the Movie!"

Enderdragon: "we are going to See Corpse Party and your going to like it or not!"


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