Eric-Natalie is a game that is similar to Banjo-Kazooie


  • Eric (The Main Protagonist of The Game)
  • Natalie (Eric Gavin's Girlfriend, The Secondary Protagonist)
  • Stephanie (Eric's Little Sister Who Gets Kidnapped Diesel Dawson)
  • Hitler (The Move Learner of The Game)
  • MumaX992 (The Shaman of The Game)
  • Barney (The Secondary Antagonist of The Game)
  • Diesel Dawson (The Main Antagonist of the Game)


Today Was Peaceful in Go! Mountain But Suddenly Diesel Dawson Swiped Stephanie To his Lair Because he is Tired of Being Fat, And Eric And Natalie are the ones who could save Stephanie.

Worlds in Diesel Dawson's Lair

Players Have To Collect 100 Puzzle Piece to Acces a World

  • Muma's Mountain
  • Shimmering Cove
  • Zara's Cavern
  • Frog Bubble Swamp
  • Snowflake Land
  • Dylan's Valley
  • Barney's Haunted House
  • S.S Diesel Dawson Bay
  • Go! Woods


  • Dora (Muma's Mountain)
  • Caillou (Shimmering Cove)
  • The Element Humanoids (Zara's Cavern)
  • Warren Fans (Frog Bubble Swamp)
  • Sister JigglyPuff (S.S Diesel Dawson Bay)
  • Barney's Armies (Go! Woods)
  • Diesel Dawson (Top Of Diesel Dawson's Lair)

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