Eric Rap Ordered at McDonald's and Gets Grounded-001:37

Eric Rap Ordered at McDonald's and Gets Grounded-0



Eric is a character made by GarrettComedian. His hair is brown, he has a green and red short sleeved shirt and wears light blue shorts and yellow shoes.

Full name: Eric Kurt Hanskey

DOB: July 17, 1999 (age 15)

Location: Greenville, SC

Voice: Eric

Parents: Diesel Oliver Hanskey and Kimberly Alexis Hanskey

Zodiac Sign: Rabbit

Likes: Chicken Nuggets M&M's YouTube TV iPhone 5C PS3 USA Video Games Mac OS X Panty and Stocking w/ Garterbelt

Dislikes: School Homework Getting Grounded Barney Caillou Sesame Street Dora The Explorer Windows 7

Friends: Felix (Slippy V) Bill Catherine Harold Caleb (Upcoming character)

Enemies: Barney, Cookie Monster, Dora

Other interests: Bleach FLCL GITS Naruto DBZ Lucky Star Toonami Outlaw Star Big O Inuyasha IGPX Kekkaishi Zatch Bell PlayStation trilogy etc.

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