Eric G

Eric is very angry at the moment... Maybe because of Stephanie?

Eric Gavin is a character created by MumaX992. His younger sister Stephanie is a big troublemaker.He has a little brother named Terrance.He has a younger sister named Gabby.He has a brother named Fred.He is good friends with Hitler. He hates baby show characters like his father does.

Voice: Eric

Born: July 25, 1990-May 27, 2016

Age: 20

Family cast

Natalie: Salli (wife)

Diesel: himself (dad)

Tiyana: Salli/Julie/Kate/Allison (mom)

Stephanie: Ivy/Kendra (sister)

Terrance: Steven (brother)

Gabbie: Allison/Julie (sister)

Fred: Dallas (brother)

Suzie: Ivy (daughter)


He is a pale skinned boy with light brown hair and black mustache. He wears a black baseball cap, headphones, black sunglasses, a white shirt under a black jacket, a black tie, black pants with torn holes and blood and black.